Coxwold Parish Council met approximately once every three months until 2017, since when meetings have been held every other month.  The Annual Parish Meeting is held in May.  Minutes of the most recent Meeting can be found below, and under Latest News as they are published.  No Meetings were held during Covid-19 lockdown.

NEXT MEETING:  The next Meeting will be held Wednesday 2nd November 2022

Parish Council Minutes 2.11.2022

Parish Council Minutes 7.9.2022

Parish Council Minutes 20.7.2022

Parish Council Minutes 11.5.2022

Annual Parish Meeting 11.5.2022 and Reports

Parish Council Minutes 2.3.2022

Parish Council Minutes 5.1.2022

Parish Council Minutes 3.11.2021

Parish Council Minutes 8.9.2021

Parish Council Minutes 7.7.2021

Annual Parish Meeting 7.7.2021

In accordance with general procedures for local and parish councils, Coxwold Parish Council seeks to uphold a complaints procedure which is fair to all parties and rigorous in its application.  We follow the Model Complaints Procedure for parish councils:

Complaints Procedure

Minutes of past Meetings are archived here:

2015 Minutes
2016 Minutes
2017 Minutes
2018 Minutes
2019 Minutes
2020 Minutes



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