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Coxwold Parish Council spends local ratepayers' money (the precept) on behalf of the residents of Coxwold.  Various items relating to this expenditure and the governance thereof are included on this page.

2018 expenditure

Annual Governance Summary 2018

CPC Bank Reconciliation 2019

CPC Variances 2019

Annual Governance Summary 2019

Annual Governance Summary 2021

CPC Bank Reconciliation 2020

Expenditure 2020

CPC Bank Reconciliation 2021

Expenditure 2021

Annual Governance Statement 2021/22


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Please contact the webmaster, Peter Wyn-Jones if you would like to inform the community about an event, advertise your business or any other queries.

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Shandy Hall

Shandy Hall

Laurence Sterne Trust

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Tennis Club

Tennis Club

Sports Clubs

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Tennis Club


Coxwold Tea Rooms

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Coxwold Cottages

Coxwold Cottages

Coxwold Cottages

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Thornton's Butchers

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