Bus Timetables
Wednesday December 12, 2018

Coxwold Village - Pastures and Moors

Coxwold lies on three different bus routes.
The principal route, 31X, runs from Helmsley, eight miles north-east of the Village, through Coxwold to Easingwold (six miles south) then on to York.  The route is operated by Coastliner, a Yorkshire bus company with a wide sprectrum of routes.  There are six services each day from Monday to Saturday.  Additional services run bewteen Easingwold and York.  There is no Sunday service.  The journey time from Coxwold to York is about 40 minutes and to Helmsley is just half an hour.  Here is a summary timetable: a more detailed version can be found on Coastliner's website.
31X York - Easingwold - Coxwold - Helmsley
York Exhibition Square 0715 0950 1200 1400
 Easingwold 0745 1017 1227 1427
 Coxwold 0800 1032 1242 1442
 Helmsley  0831 1100 1310 1510
31X  Helmsley - Coxwold - Easingwold - York

 Helmsley 0925 1125 1335 1555
 Coxwold 0954 1154 1404 1628
 Easingwold 1010 1210 1420 1645
 York Stn Ave 1038 1238 1448 1717
 York Theatre Royal 1043 1243 1453 1725
The second route is Route 59 and is  a 'circular' route, running from Thirsk Market place through local villages and back to Thirsk.  It runs Mondays and Fridays only.  The full day-by-day timetable can be found on the web page of the operator, North Yorkshire County Council.

59 Thirsk - Coxwold - Thirsk

Thirsk Market Place 1000 1200
Coxwold Fauconberg Arms 1020 1240
Coxwold Church 1040 1300
Thirsk Market Place 1100 1320
The third route is the Moorsbus Route M4 and, for 2018, runs through Coxwold on Sundays and Bank Holidays from May to the end of September.  Moorsbus is a network of services operating in and around the North York Moors area.  The operator is Moorsbus Communty Interest Company, which is funded by a variety of streams as well as fares.  These include some Parish and Town Councils, individual donations, Ryedale District Council and the North York Moors National Park Authority.  Arrangements, including timetables, for 2019 will be published in the Spring.