Thursday May 19, 2022

Coxwold Village - Pastures and Moors

yoga1Should you consider an hour of time to yourself once a week through the practice of Yoga?

There are many styles of Yoga, the type of Yoga I practise is called Hatha, which simply refers to the practice of physical Yoga postures with controlled breathing through the connection with the mind.  Hatha classes are a good place to work on your alignment, learn relaxation techniques and become comfortable with doing Yoga while building strength and flexibility.  Extend the non-competition to yourself, listen to your body first and foremost.  It’s your time for you.

A typical class begins with an opening mantra, wishing good fortune on the practice. Expect pranayama (breathing exercises) cleansing the body and focusing the mind, gentle flow between poses, Savasana (brief relaxations) and balancing. Conclude with a physical, mental and spiritual relaxation of the body and the closing mantra.

You won’t work up a sweat in a Hatha class but you do complete your practice feeling positive, energised and relaxed.

Yoga is a wonderful alternative treatment for many injuries and medical conditions.  Whether you are a beginner, someone who practised yoga many years ago, a regular yogi or perhaps you’re not a ‘bendy’ person, thinking everyone who attends a class is super fit and looks just the part: think again - all ages, sizes, fitness and flexibilities attend.  It’s for everyone.

Weekly classes are run in Coxwold and the surrounding area in village halls, schools, offices, small home groups and in private one-to-one sessions.

Now more so than ever before people realise the importance of mindful relaxing ‘me time’ to help cope with the daily stresses of life.
For more information check out my website or contact Anandini direct on 07821 588 117

Stretch, breathe, relax.....weekly classes available in Coxwold and surrounding areas suitable for all ages, sizes, abilities and flexibilities.
Check out my website for more information or contact Anandini direct on 07821588117.