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Thursday May 19, 2022

Coxwold Village - Pastures and Moors


Residents will notice the installation in the village of our own Vehicle Activated Sign (VAS).  This detects the speed of approaching vehicles well inside the speed limit signs and displays a “ 30/Slow Down” reminder if they are still driving over 30 mph.  The unit can be placed at each of the entrances to Coxwold and face in either direction.

Purchase of the sign by Coxwold Parish Council was supported by a grant from North Yorkshire County Council.  It is a further step in a campaign to stop traffic speeding through the village and complements previous measures involving signage, chicanes, road markings, the use of our own speed gun by volunteers, visits by the North Yorkshire Police Safety Camera van and the frustrated gesticulations of residents.

Many drivers need to have more respect for the residents of areas that they drive through.  Let us hope that our VAS helps them to do this!


Hot News.....
The Speed Sign is now moved every two months: it'll now warn drivers if they're doing over 30mph as they enter Coxwold from any of the four approaches to the village.  Occasional relocation of VASs is known to increase awareness and help drivers becoming 'blind' to the signs.