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Sunday February 24, 2019

Coxwold Village - Pastures and Moors

Villagers and users of our Village Hall will be well aware that we have been talking about a kitchen extension and refurbishment for some time...

Over the last year as well as a letter informing villagers of our plans we requested donations from them.  We are extremely grateful to all who have donated so far.  If you would like to make a donation, it’s not too late! – there will be lots of new smaller kitchen equipment to purchase once the building works are completed.

IMG 2766xcThis is the outside of the Hall on Sunday, February 3rd, it will change considerably over the coming weeks!  You can see more photos of progress on the Village Hall facilities page.

We searched high and low for grants to cover the remainder of our budget and set about applying for them with eagerness.  Over the year we have been awarded a total of £25,300 from the following:

£10,000 from Awards for All (specifically for larger kitchen equipment)

£  7,500 from Garfield Weston

£  2,000 from Tesco Bags for Help

£  4,300 from Hambleton making a Difference

£  1,500 from North Yorkshire County Council

We also made several other unsuccessful applications to Reaching Communities; Jewsons, Calor Gas, Bernard Sunley and the Co-op.

Saturday, 12th January
All afternoon a dozen willing volunteers joined hands and  emptied the kitchen and bar areas and ripped out most of the fittings.  The sense of progress was enjoyed by all and will have saved some builders' time and costs.

The stuff is being stored in the main hall area and the hall is now effectively closed until the building work is completed.  Regular users such as Bridge Club, yoga and the Art Group will use Wass or Husthwaite Village Halls for the next few weeks until our Hall can be used again.

Saturday, 19th January
The contract has been awarded to Cowlings of Thirsk. The start date is yet to be fixed, and we expect a completion date for the major works to be agreed from which time the hall will be useable, and a final completion date from which the kitchen will be be fully functional.  Fitting out of the bar area will be done independently of Cowlings after the kitchen work is completed.

Monday, 28th January
Our start date for the building work is fixed for Monday 4th February, and scaffolding will be erected later this week.

Monday, 4th February
The scaffolding went up last Wednesday and work has begun. Externally the chimney stack has gone, and internally the bar shelf has gone, and the wall between the hall and the committee room has been bashed through.  We also have a fine layer of dust across the hall. Good tangible progress!!

Saturday, 9th February
We now have a new view from the kitchen sink...through the hall to the back fire exit !!  The old corridor his now walled off, and upstairs there is an opening from the billiard room to the kitchen loft.  The dust layer is a little thicker across the hall.